Limassol Tours

The perfect holiday for this summer

Limassol, the cultural heritage of Cyprus, is place which has been a witness to great events of historical interest. This holiday destination has a perfect blend of historic places, as well as places having panoramic beauty.

The admirers of ancient artefacts and monuments get the opportunity to gaze at the beauty of the some of the majestic castles found especially on this island. The Limassol Medieval Castle is the epitome of chivalry and bravery, which houses some of the remembrances of the Kings of the medieval times, belongings of the Knights Templers and Ottoman empires. History says that the castle of Limassol is the place where the brave hearted king of England, Richard and Berengaria of Navarre got married to each other.

The magnanimous Greco-Roman amphitheatre of Kourion is the house of incidents of bravery shown on the battlefield by warriors of Cyprus to safeguard their motherland. This battlefield has now been turned into a theatre, where one can spend his evening enjoying plays showing the history of Cyprus and even plays by Shakespeare.


The ruin of the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates is a spot of tourist attraction, as it is considered to be the temple of the Sun-God Apollo. This age old structure, present since 7th century BC, recognises Apollo as the God of Woods and Forest, popularly known as Hylates.

One of the royal cities of Cyprus in the ancient times was considered to be Amathus. The ruins of Amathus, found 11 kilometres in the outskirts of Limassol, got its name from the founder of the city who was the son of King of Paphos and Aerias. Amathus marks the presence of Greco-Phoenician connections in the ancient past, with tombs and the ancient temple of Aphrodite. Amathus having a port was considered to the commercial centre of Cyprus back during the 10th century. Now, it attracts tourists from all over the world for archaeological interests.

If one is not an admirer of ancient facts, then Limassol has zoos, coastline, Promenade and Fasouri Water Park, where one can spend good quality time with friends and family. The Limassol Zoo houses a variety of animals and also has a National History Museum inside the zoo, which is especially designed to educate kids making it enjoying for the children.

If one is fond of adventurous rides including high speed water chutes and slides then a visit to the Fasouri Watermania Waterpark is a must. This amusement park has interesting sites for everyone in the family, which includes interactive gaming sessions for kids and adults, park for toddlers and in-house restaurants and shopping sites for women.

Fasouri Watermania Waterpark

If you miss being a part of Cyprus’ rich cultural history, then a ride in the Time Elevator will make your wish come true. It takes you through a joyous ride where you can explore the islands and the ancient empires of Cyprus back in the 8th Century. The audio visual system of this ride is so technological advanced that it makes you feel as if you are physically present on the empires land, within the castles.

The Cyprus Wine Museum is a perfect retreat for wine lovers. This place houses some of the best wines available across the globe being as old as 5500 years making it taste the best.

Cyprus Wine Museum

Thus, this vacation one can plan a nice outing with friends and family to explore the interesting and fun filled city of Limassol. Book your taxi online or call +357 777-88-723