Paphos Tours

Looking for a tour of Paphos? CyprusCabs Taxi Services can help

Are you holidaying in Cyprus and need taxi services for a Paphos tour? As we know, there may be quite a number of options for you, but something that assures you total satisfaction is what you should seek. In fact, at CyprusCabs we believe in a fair policy where tourists get the best for what they pay. Thus, a half day tour of some of Cyprus’ best places is what we look to offer to our customers.


As you might ask, we generally cover quite a number of places and this tour lasts roughly around five hours. Our quotes for these services definitely go unmatched, as also the comfort that we provide during the ride.

Some of the places that are covered during a tour, from the city of Paphos are detailed below.

  • George – The tour of Paphos usually kicks off at St George, a beautiful fishing village that is also very well known for its fish restaurants. What you can also look forward to here are the historical Christian basilicas of the 6th century. These have beautiful mosaic floors, marble columns and also geometric designs and representations of living creatures. Besides, the church of St George is worth a visit and offers an amazing view of the nearby sea.


  • Sea caves – Sea caves are a very interesting attraction and lie just a little while from St George. Natural rocks adorn the coastline, which makes it a great place for snorkelling. Also, worth a watch are the Paphos Bird and the Animal Park. There are daily parrot shows and also horse riding for all age groups.
    Sea caves


  • Peyia – The next halt on this tour happens at the village of Peyia. It is a large village and happens to be located in the rugged hills. This basically acts as a backdrop on the wonderful coastline of Paphos. The hillside location also makes it very suitable for viewing Paphos and the Coral Bay. You can stroll through the village and also go for a refreshing drink at the numerous cafes that are present.


A place of significant historical importance is the Peyia Vrisi, where young men gathered to watch women draw water from the spring. There are many legendary songs on this matter and bring such historical incidents to highlight. At present the Vrisi is still visible and a place where weddings take place.


  • Kathikas winery – Further up the village the tour takes you to the village of Kathikas and its famous winery known as the Vasilikon winery. The winery, at present is owned by the Kyriakides brothers. The winery was the earliest of the local wineries, and has set an example for many others that follow its example. It happens to be the only winery in Cyprus that produces only two wines since its establishment, i.e. white “Vasilikon” and the red “Ayios Onoufrios”. Also worth a note is that these wines are well suitable for everyday consumption and are pretty much affordable.
    Kathikas winery



  • Polis Chrysochous – The tour then takes you a separate part of Paphos, a town with a 3,000 year old history, i.e. Polis Chrysochous. The Archaeological Museum is definitely worth a visit and gives you a chance to see the remains of ancient Marion – Arnisoe. The Byzantine Church of Agios Andronikos is also a place worthy of visit and happens to be located near the Polis square. It has wall paintings dating back to the 16thcentury and is beautiful.


The town boasts of old classical houses that has wooden balconies. The center of Polis also has many stone buildings that have been restored. Besides, there are many cafes, bars and restaurants, which are full of life from mornings to nights. The Polis beach is also located nearby and one can sun bathe or involve themselves in water sports. The beach is a mixture of sand and pebbles.


  • Latchi – The Polis harbor is actually known as Latchi. This place is very famous for fresh fish and a meal at a one of many fish taverns won’t be a disappointment in any way.


  • Baths of Aphrodite – The final stop in this tour happens at the Akamas Peninsula, well known for its attraction called the Baths of Aphrodite. There are many legendary tales about the area regarding the mythological goddess Aphrodite. It is said that she would be seen walking up the hill and then taking a bath in a pool of freshwater fed by the nearby mountain spring. The mountain spring that can be seen dripping down the sides of a shady grotto, overhung by a leafy fig tree, came to be known as the Baths of Aphrodite. Adonis, while on a hunt in the Akamas forest, saw Aphrodite there and fell in love with her.
    Baths of Aphrodite


This myth of Aphrodite lived on through all of the Middle Ages and finally turned into a story Dhigenis Akritas, the mythical Byzantine hero and Rigaina, the Queen of Cyprus. There are ruins of an old monastery in the heart of the Akamas which has a spring accompanied by an oak tree. This is known as the Queen’s Castle and is linked to the love story.


The Akamas also offers a natural scenic beauty and especially of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. You could also have a meal at the Last Castle (Viklari Castle), a popular open air restaurant on a hill top. This overlooks the Akamas Peninsula, and happens to be among the most breathtaking views to be seen in Cyprus containing fruit plantations, the deep blue sea and its wonderful beaches.


A half day Paphos tour for up to 4 persons costs €150, for up to 6 persons it is €180, for up to 10 persons €220 and finally, for up to 14 persons it is €280. All pickups for the tour happen from the town of Paphos. For pickups from any other place, the rates mentioned can vary. However, it can be said that we do provide a brilliant tour of Paphos at a very affordable rate.