Troodos Tour

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Cyprus is known as the land of beauty, saints and culture. If you are someone who is visiting Cyprus for a holiday, you could do with the availability of some good taxi services. Our taxi service offer numerous different tours around the country and one such tour takes you through the Limassol Mountains and nearby areas. Troodos tour, takes you through the Limassol Mountains to the well known tourist destination of Troodos, via the main villages of Omothos, Platres and finally Troodos.





The village of Platres is known for its;

  • Popular resort
  • Kaledonian Falls


On the Troodos range, lies Platres. It is a favourite spot for a lovely vacation and for those who want to beat the heat. It is also one of the most popular tourist spots. A stream that permanently flows throughout the village adds to its natural beauty.

Pano (upper) and Kato (lower) Platres divides the village into two regions, with Kato being the quieter place. Platres has a lot of tourists visiting it as it has many inns, restaurants, eating houses and places to enjoy the night out. The Cyprus Tourism office is also located in this part.

From a little upstream, where exists a trout farm, it is possible to hike to the Kaledonian Falls.



Troodos is mainly known for its:

  • Kykkos Monastery
  • The resting place of Archbishop Makarios III
  • Breathtaking views of the mountains


In Marathasa, the Monastery of Kykkos is located. This monastery is one of most beautiful and splendid of all the monasteries in Cyprus. Perched atop a mountain, it is at a height of 1318 meters northwest from Troodos. It contains one of the three icons of the Evangelist Agios Loukas and is devoted to Panagia. With a covering of silver gilt, it is in a shrine made of tortoise shell and pearl-of-mother, which stands before the iconostasis.


It is interesting to note that this monastery was founded between the ends of the 11th century and beginning of the 12th century, when Emperor Alexios I Komnenos (1081-1118 A.D.) was reigning. However, it is very sad that the monastery burned down many times and the original structure is totally devastated.


The story goes that the Cypriot hermit Isaiah, who was blessed abundantly with divine grace, was able to miraculously cure the emperor’s daughter who was suffering with a terrible, incurable illness. Therefore as a reward he requested that the icon of the Theotokos (Virgin Mary) be kept at the imperial palace in Constantinople. Though it pained the emperor to send his precious statue to Cyprus, he sent it to him along with sufficient funds to pay for a monastery in order to safely keep the sacred relic. Upon the hermit’s request, the emperor’s representative in Cyprus, Manuel Vutomites, also gave the monastery three villages. Since this gift was later on confirmed by imperial charter, it is considered that this monastery had been established by imperial decree.

Archbishop Makarios III was the first President of the Republic of Cyprus and served here as a novice. His native village is Panayia and he was buried in Throni, which is 3 kilometres west of the monastery. Zivania and other alcoholic drinks are produced by the monastery. Religious fairs are held on September 8th (birth of the Virgin) and on August 15th (Dormition of the Virgin).

Troodos winter time


The Omothos Village is pretty well-known for it’s:

  • Wine production
  • The Timiou Stavrou Monastery
  • Sweets prepared from local fruits
  • A lot of handmade goods like table cloths, etc.
  • Villages that are truly beautiful and boast of the Cypriot character


Omothos is famous for its tasty wines and outstanding grapes since the ancient times. Afames is a traditional wine which is sweet smelling and of great quality. The wine got its name from the nearest mountain that shares the same name; the location of the mountain being on the east side of the village. This was the very reason why Sultan Selem II conquered the island, so that he could have his own famous wine.

The church has two floors and is designed like the Greek letter Pi. Being one of the oldest monasteries on the inland, it shows the impressive work of its architecture and also adds pride to the Cyprus’s cultural heritage. Cyprus is also known to have a strong religious importance. It had, in fact, attracted pilgrims from all from all over the globe for many centuries. In 327AD, Saint Helen visited Cyprus and presented the monastery with the blood-stained robe that held Jesus to the Holy Cross. The skull of Apostle Phillip along with the other important relics is also kept in the monastery.

Not too far away from the Holy Cross Monastery, is a mediaeval winepress. This is proof that the production of traditional wine making took place since ancient times in Omothos.

Omothos Village Mountain View


Omothos is also known for making “paluze” (must jelly), “soutzoukos” (must-stick with almonds), “koulourka” (rusks), “zivania” (traditional alcoholic beverage) and “kkiofterka” (dried must jelly in rhomboid pieces). These items are also a part of Omothos’ great tradition apart from producing outstanding wine and cultivating vines. An ingenious superb taste of sweets made from local fruits is the “arkatena koulourka” (crunchy rusks with yeast) which is well known and found all over Cyprus.

The women in the village of Omothos, who are very creative and good with their hand work, also make Chantilly laces, threaded quilts, tablecloths, embroideries, narrow-knit and beautiful brocades which are all handmade at home. Besides these they also work hard along with their husbands in the cultivation of the land.

Omothos is surrounded by mountains and built on a slope of a mountain, just in-between the beautiful green carpet of vines. The mountains are very beautiful to watch and appear to be strategically placed, which makes the village of Omothos one of the finest beauty spots of Cyprus. The village has a huge plaza, which is one of a kind in size and graphic superiority, and adds to the beauty of the village. The houses are made of stone and covered in green with beautiful narrow alleys. The villages have beautiful houses and amazing folkloric architecture, with rooms that are elongated. This makes it the key element. The doors are made of wood, and there are jars inside the beautiful charming flower yards, terraces or roof tops that are tiled.

Omothos is one of the villages to have preserved its Cypriot quality keeping the old untouched beauty.

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